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Spiritual Care. Compassionate Support. A gazebo outside of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

All of us at one time or another wrestle with questions of meaning, hope, despair, faith and doubt. These are spiritual issues that go beyond particular religious traditions and connect us to one another in our shared experiences. The mission of the chaplains at Johns Hopkins Bayview is to provide spiritual and emotional compassion and comfort to patients, their loved ones, staff and volunteers at the Medical Center as they encounter these questions.

We invite you to explore our website in the hopes that you will learn about us, engage with us in service and education, and respond to us with your own ideas and spiritual care journey.


A Moment of Reflection

We invite you to reflect on your wishes for peace in our communities. Listen to this brief meditation, led by Dr. Neda Gould, director of the mindfulness program, and take a moment to send well-wishes to yourself and to others.


Pastoral Care Resources

We can offer you a variety of supplementary resources for you and your spiritual journey. Our hope is that the theological writings, various prayers and faith specific resources will provide comfort, spiritual and emotional support and reflective nourishment for the soul.


Contact Us

Regular Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Hours
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A chaplain is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
To reach a chaplain after hours, call the Medical Center operator at 410-550-0100 and request to have the chaplain on call paged.


Care Team

  • Rev. Dr. Paula Teague

    Senior Director

    Paula Teague profile picture
  • Rev. Keri Olsen Paget

    Chaplain/CPE Educator

    Keri Olsen Paget profile picture
  • Rev. Denise White


    Denise White profile picture
  • Rev. Peter Heikkinen, BCC


    Peter Heikkinen profile picture
  • Father Greg Rapisarda

    Catholic Chaplain

    Greg Rapisarda profile picture
  • Rev. William Johnson

    Community Chaplain

    William Johnson profile picture
  • Rev. Monroe Wright

    On-Call Chaplain

    Monroe Wright profile picture
  • Rev. Eric Hatcher

    On-Call Chaplain

    Eric Hatcher profile picture
  • Rev. Cathy Oatman

    On-Call Chaplain

    Cathy Oatman profile picture
  • Rev. Ernestine Branch-Nelson

    On-Call Chaplain

    Ernestine Branch-Nelson profile picture
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