Labor and Delivery

Labor Room

So, this is it. Your big day is here! In your “go” bag you’ve packed everything you need for yourself and your new baby, including your registration forms, toiletries, robe, breastfeeding bra and breast cream. When you first suspect you have gone into labor, please call your care provider before you leave home to let him or her know how your labor is progressing. When you arrive at the hospital, you should come directly to the Admitting Department desk on the far-right side of the front lobby. Follow these same instructions if you arrive for a scheduled C-section.

When you arrive, register and are settled into one of our 12 well-appointed, attractive birthing rooms, you will meet our specially trained obstetrical nurses who will be with you and your labor coach every step of the way. Each of our secure labor and delivery rooms has a private bathroom, complete with a shower and hairdryer, television, CD player and comfortable seating area. You will stay here to labor, deliver and bond with your new baby during the initial period of recovery, up to ninety minutes after the delivery. You and your baby will then be transported down the hall to our Maternal Child Unit. If your baby requires specialized care, he or she may be admitted to our NICU which is located on the same floor.

Download a PDF of our Journey to a Healthy Baby guide to learn more about having a baby at JHHCMC and taking care of your baby at home.