Gynecologic Surgery

Skilled Surgery for Women

If you have endometriosis, fibroids or other conditions, our team of gynecologic surgeons at Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center offer advanced surgical techniques to improve your daily life. We specialize in minimally invasive surgeries that provide faster recovery times and don’t require an overnight hospital stay.

Our expertise helps you quickly return to what matters most to you.

Q&A - Hysterectomy

Margot Watson, M.D. describes what a hysterectomy is, why it can be necessary, how it is performed, and what to expect after surgery.

Our Specialized Treatments

  • Hysterectomy
  • Treatment of uterine fibroids or cysts
  • Treatment for cervical and ovarian cancer
  • Sterilization/Tubal ligation
  • Management of abnormal bleeding or endometriosis treatment

Our Gynecologic Surgeons

Our team has received specialty training in minimally invasive surgical techniques including robotic surgery. Rely on our expertise to help you with your condition.

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