Programs and Centers

  • Infant Hearing Early Access and Rapid Diagnostic Detection (iHeardd) Clinic

    Located at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center in Baltimore, our pediatric audiologists use specialized equipment to evaluate your infant's ears and test hearing ability. Our advanced practice providers will diagnose common causes of failed newborn hearing screens and arrange for subsequent testing and treatments if necessary. We are one of only a handful of clinics in the mid-Atlantic region offering this coordinated care.

  • Pediatric Thyroid Center

    As part of a larger multidisciplinary thyroid center at Johns Hopkins, the Pediatric Thyroid Center consists of a specialized team of pediatric otolaryngologists and endocrinologists dedicated to the care of thyroid disease and thyroid cancers in children.

  • Aerodigestive Clinic

    The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s Aerodigestive Clinic includes pediatric otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonary specialists, and speech-language pathologist together seeing patients with complex disease that may have both respiratory and digestive components. Children with breathing and swallowing/feeding problems have coordinated diagnostic procedures in the office setting and when needed in the operating room.

  • Vascular Anomalies Center

    The multidisciplinary Vascular Anomalies Center offers patients state of the art, personalized treatment options. Our group consists of a wide range of specialist who review patients together and determine the accurate diagnosis and best treatments for children with vascular anomalies. These treatments range from interventional radiology procedures like sclerotherapy to surgery to new focused medical therapies.

  • Pediatric Vestibular Clinic

    Including experts in otolaryngology, audiology, and physical therapy, the Pediatric Vestibular Clinic offers treatment options for those with dizziness.

  • Johns Hopkins Cleft and Craniofacial Center

    Johns Hopkins Cleft and Craniofacial Center treats approximately 650 babies and children with cleft lip and palate or other craniofacial conditions. Our goal is to help our patients achieve their full potential, without being defined or limited by facial differences. Our pediatric otolaryngologists treat airway, voice, and hearing issues that are often seen in children with clefts and other craniofacial conditions.

  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy offers an unmatched scope of fetal diagnosis, treatment and surgery, paired with the highest standard of maternal care, all in a single location. When a diagnosis of airway disease is made prenatally, our pediatric otolaryngologists participate in interventions before, during, and after delivery.

  • Greenberg Center For Skeletal Dysplasias

    The Greenberg Center is the longest-running clinic for patients with skeletal dysplasias. The center provides medical care and resources to persons with dwarfism, and we educate healthcare providers about skeletal dysplasias. The center conducts research to improve the lives of our patients. Our pediatric otolaryngologists have extensive experience in treating hearing and breathing issues seen in “little people,” and participate in coordinated multidisciplinary evaluations that take place over two days.