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Johns Hopkins Hemophilia Treatment Center

The Johns Hopkins Hemophilia Treatment Center is a federally designated hemophilia treatment center that provides comprehensive care and treatment for individuals diagnosed with bleeding disorders. Some of the types of disorders we care for include:

  • Hemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency)
  • Hemophilia B (factor IX deficiency)
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Factor VII deficiency
  • Inhibitors to clotting factors
  • Other chronic bleeding disorders
Rubenstein Child Health building
The Hemophilia Treatment Center is located on the lower level of the David M. Rubenstein Child Health Building.

Why come to the Hemophilia Treatment Center?

Research demonstrates that people with bleeding disorders who receive regular comprehensive care at a hemophilia treatment center significantly reduce their risk of serious complications and death due to their illness. Although most of our patients come from Maryland and the surrounding areas, we welcome all new patient inquires. As a patient at the Johns Hopkins Hemophilia Treatment Center, you will be able to attend an annual comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center clinic appointment that includes coordinated clinical care by a certified nurse practitioner, a medical exam by a hematologist, a psychosocial consultation with a clinical social worker and consultation by a physical therapist, if needed. We also arrange coordinated care with your primary care provider or other providers and specialists as needed.

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Our Team


Nurse Coordinators

  • Jessica McAuliffe, R.N., M.S.N., FNP-BC
  • Denise Bekkouri, R.N., M.S.N., C.P.N., C.P.N.P
  • Kim Drucis, R.N., M.S.N, C.P.N.P.

Clinical Social Worker

  • Beth Merz, LCSW-C

Physical Therapists

  • Holly Loosen, PT, STAR/C
  • Brian N. Murray Jr, PT, DPT

Adult Hematologist

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Both adult and pediatric comprehensive care appointments are conducted in the subspecialty clinic on the lower level of the David M. Rubenstein Child Health Building. Hemophilia Treatment Center appointments are available every half hour from 1 to 3:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month for adults and the third Tuesday of the month for pediatric patients.

    Patients can call 443-997-5437 to schedule appointments. Please call at least three months in advance of your next desired annual visit. If you have further questions about scheduling, please ask to speak with Kim Drucis, the Hemophilia Treatment Center nurse practitioner and coordinator.

  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital is regularly ranked one of the top hospitals in the country. This means that providers at Johns Hopkins are educated about and participating in the newest innovations in research and treatment. As part of the outstanding care and treatment that you receive at the Johns Hopkins Hemophilia Treatment Center, you may often be examined by residents and/or fellows alongside highly experienced and trained practitioners and hematologists.

  • Studies and Clinical Trials

    While there is no obligation to participate, the Hemophilia Treatment Center offers you access to a variety of studies and clinical trials that help advance the care of individuals with bleeding disorders. In some cases, this may provide you access to new treatments that are not available to patients who are not participating in studies. Involvement in research is an opportunity but not a requirement for you to be seen in the Hemophilia Treatment Center. If you do not wish to be involved in research, your care will not be affected in any way.

    Clotting Factors and Other Treatments

    The Hemophilia Treatment Center can also provide lower-cost clotting factors and other treatments through the 340B Drug Discount Program. Depending on your insurance, this may save you or your insurance company some expense and may help lower the overall costs of caring for hemophilia. The 340B Drug Discount Program also is one of the ways the federal government helps support hemophilia treatment centers across the country. If you are interested, Hemophilia Treatment Center personnel can tell you more about this.

    Physical Therapy

    Our pediatric and adult physical therapists are both available to Hemophilia Treatment Center patients for consultation during annual visits. Patients can request a physical therapy consultation by calling Kim Winship at 410-614-0833 in advance of an upcoming appointment. 

    Physical therapy services offered during hemophilia clinic include:

    • Joint measurements
    • Strengthening exercises
    • Exercise and activity recommendations
    • Gait assessment
    • Footwear and orthotic education
    • Workplace modification education
    • Pain management
    • Recommendations for outpatient physical therapy services 
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