Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Nurses help a child with physical and occupational therapyLicensed and certified therapists with specialized training in pediatrics work as a team with families and physicians to set rehabilitation goals for each child.

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team specializes in providing physical and occupational therapy for children birth to 21 years old with a wide range of conditions.

We work closely with families and medical experts to develop therapy plans that meet each child’s unique needs and goals. During sessions, our experienced therapists use age-appropriate techniques, including toys and games, to keep kids feeling comfortable, engaged and motivated.

Our goal is to help children discover new abilities and return to the activities they enjoy.

Meet our pediatric therapists

Our Services

Medically complex patient care
Pediatric cancer rehabilitation
Orthopaedic rehabilitation
Torticollis treatment

Serial casting
Pediatric wheelchair evaluation
Vestibular/balance rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary care

Conditions We Treat

Changes in posture
Delayed development
Difficulty walking
Joint stiffness

Low endurance
Numbness in feet or hands
Scar tissue restriction
Weakness and fatigue

Patient Stories

  • Taking the Weight Off Hypertension

    It’s not unusual that 11-year-old Douglas Matthews was undergoing physical therapy at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center—after all, his hip and knee pain was so severe he avoided going outside and walking anywhere.

  • Kids Have Strokes, Too

    For no apparent reason, Zander Maclane suddenly started experiencing several episodes of dizziness and fatigue. The Stevensville, MD six-year-old was often hungry and thirsty, as well, says his mother, Amanda Maclane.

  • PT for POTS

    Catherine Lilly’s symptoms at age 7—dizziness, headaches, stomach aches, loss of appetite and occasional vomiting—all resolved and reappeared days later with no clinical explanation.

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