Johns Hopkins Pediatric Diabetes Center

The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Diabetes Center offers comprehensive diabetes care in Baltimore, Bethesda and Annapolis, Maryland, with a team approach to address all the needs of our patients and their families. Our pediatric subspecialists include:

  • Your endocrinologist/diabetes care provider
  • Certified diabetes educators and nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Behavioral health specialists
  • Social work support 

We see patients age 18 and under who have all types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, prediabetes, atypical diabetes, MODY, and cystic-fibrosis-related diabetes.

Children are seen every three months by some or all of the providers to provide a multifaceted approach to diabetes care. Because each child may be seen by multiple providers, the first clinic visit will be approximately 2 ½ hours long.

Your Endocrinologist/Diabetes Care Provider

Your diabetes provider will oversee the medical care team and work with you to achieve excellent diabetes control.

Certified Diabetes Educators and Nurses

Our outstanding diabetes nurses will help you manage high and low blood sugars.


Nutrition services are an integral part of our multidisciplinary team and will help you maintain a healthy diet with diabetes.

Behavioral Health Services

The Pediatric Psychology Consultation Program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute provides consultative behavioral health services to children, adolescents, young adults and their families during diabetes clinic appointments. The American Diabetes Association recommends that patients meet with behavioral health for a consultation appointment at least once a year to promote coping, diabetes management, and well-being. Our psychology providers can help to support adjustment, coping with medical condition, diabetes management, behavioral concerns around diabetes, depression and overall mental health. Our program additionally offers telehealth and in-person outpatient services.

Social Work

Our Social Worker provides care coordination, linkage to resources/services, and is available to provide support to patients and caregivers during diabetes clinic visits.

Child Life

Our team has Child Life specialists available to help your child cope with their diabetes related tasks.

We offer telemedicine appointments to established patients of the diabetes program, depending on each patient's condition and individual appointment needs. We recommend that some of your appointments be in-person every year, and patients may alternate in-person with virtual visits. You will collaborate with your diabetes team to determine what is best for your family.

More about the Diabetes Center

Events and Programs

New Onset Diabetes Coping Group

Our program offers psychosocial support from the time of diagnosis in the hospital and throughout the course of your diabetes care in the outpatient diabetes center. We partner with the JDRF Mid Atlantic Chapter to connect our new-onset families and teens with community events and New Onset Support groups.

Diabetes Technology Webinars

Webinars offered twice a year for patients who are new to diabetes technology and interested in learning more about advanced diabetes technologies.

Transition Program for Adolescents and Young Adults with Diabetes

Our transition program for adolescents and young adults begins when they are in high school. The program focuses on developing transition readiness through independent skill-building and diabetes self-care in order to facilitate a smooth transition to one of our adult diabetes providers.

Off-to-College and the Teen Transition Years

Yearly spring event co-sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and The Diabetes Link. Call 410-614-3635 for more information.

Contact and Locations

Contact Us

Appointments and General Questions

After-hours On-call Physician
410-955-6070 (Ask for pediatric endocrinologist on call.)


David M. Rubenstein Child Health Building
200 N Wolfe St, Room 3120
Baltimore, MD 21287

The Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center - Bethesda
6420 Rockledge Drive, Suite 2300
Bethesda, MD 20817

Endocrine Clinic at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
1708 West Rogers Ave.
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Johns Hopkins Children's Center Pediatric Specialists — Annapolis
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