Healthy Heart Lifestyle Guide

This Health and Hypertension Resource Guide includes a compilation of helpful handouts, tip sheets and videos from a host of various resources and websites. 

How to Get a Good Workout in a Small Space | ReNEW Clinic

Did you know that you can get fit without going to the gym? This video provides a great solution for easy and fun at home workouts with no equipment needed.

5 Quick and Cheap Healthy Meals | ReNew Clinic

If you want quick and cheap healthy meals to cut down on food costs and eat healthy, check out our video for delicious easy to prepare meals. These recipes are perfect for those on the go and you will feel good about eating!!

Salt Shakedown — How to Avoid Hidden Sodium at the Grocery Store

Join a Johns Hopkins registered dietitian as she walks through the aisles and offers suggestions on how to lower salt intake -- but not compromise flavor.

Additional Resources