Our Professional Practice Model

Resilience · Integrity · Trust · Respect 

What does professional nursing look like at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center?

  • Patient- and family-centered care
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses care about our patients, promote trust through quality nursing care, and collaborate with patients and families to optimize the patient’s recovery through individualized treatment provided across the continuum of care. 
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses engage in interdisciplinary decision-making, shared learning and teaching, quality improvement and research efforts, and professional accountability. Collaboration and teamwork with interdisciplinary partners in care is a priority in all aspects of care, in all settings, to achieve desired outcomes. 
  • Professional nursing practice
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses recognize professional nursing practice as the integration of clinical excellence through evidence-based practice and research, the pursuit of clinical expertise, participation in shared governance, the promotion of innovation, fostering a spirit of inquiry and continuous learning.

At the heart of it all is our commitment to patients and families. Our values are the cornerstones of our practice:

  • Resilience
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses demonstrate resilience through the ability to embrace change, learn new skills and positively adapt. We are flexible, passionate, and optimistic.
  • Integrity
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses exhibit integrity through our adherence to strong moral principles.  We are credible, dependable, and honest.
  • Trust
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses express trust through our reliability on each other’s words, actions, and abilities.  We are accountable, collaborative, open, and transparent.
  • Respect
    Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses show respect through the recognition of the unconditional value of our colleagues and patients.  We communicate directly and openly, and are inclusive and kind.

See How Our Nurses Put the Professional Practice Model into Practice

Patient and Family Centered Care

Learn about the values that Johns Hopkins Bayview nurse Victoria Wotorson brings to her role building relationships with patients and colleagues.

Behind the Scenes with Johns Hopkins Bayview Nursing Victoria Wotorson

Professional Nursing Practice

Clinical Nurse Specialist Yvette Wilson, DNP, has grown her professional nursing practice. Learn about her journey with the Johns Hopkins Burn Center.

Behind the Scenes with Johns Hopkins Bayview Nursing Yvette Wilson

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Critical care resources “float” throughout the house, building relationships on every unit. Learn from nurse Kate Wolski how interdisciplinary patient care draws from many resources at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Behind the Scenes with Johns Hopkins Bayview Nursing Kate Wolski BSN RN CCRN