Nursing Excellence With a Caring Touch

The department of nursing at Johns Hopkins Bayview fosters a climate of personal and professional growth, and supports nursing staff with the resources they need to practice safe, evidence-based nursing in a caring environment. Our nurses deliver the promise of nursing through nursing excellence with a caring touch. Together, we value resilience, integrity, trust and respect.

No matter the stage in their careers, Johns Hopkins Bayview nurses play a vital role in the accomplishments of the Medical Center. Always keeping the needs of their patients in mind, our nurses make connections between the everyday operations of their units and the strategic imperatives of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Shared Decision-Making at Johns Hopkins Bayview

Nurses become a lifeline to many patients, checking in, treating, and updating them during their stay. Learn how our nurses continue to provide compassionate care to our patients while maintaining support for other areas in the hospital and how nursing has become a part of their life.

Nurses play an important role in strategic planning at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Front-line nurses from every unit of the Medical Center, including Nurse Practitioners, serve on our Professional Practice Council (PPC).

The PPC is sustained by nurses who are formally empowered to make decisions about clinical practice standards, quality improvement, staff and professional development and research. Unit-based councils and ad hoc councils support strategic planning as well, and engage nurses throughout the campus through four core principles:

  1. Accountability: The mutual commitment to positive patient-care outcomes.
  2. Equity: The valuing of every role in the organization.
  3. Partnership: Nurses' relationships with one another, the patient, or other disciplines.
  4. Ownership: Membership in the nursing profession, clinical practice, and the work that nurses do as individuals.

Nursing Awards and Recognition

At Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, our nursing recognitions are as varied and diverse as the talented people on our nursing units.

Each spring, we celebrate the accomplishments of our dedicated staff by recognizing poster and podium presentations, national speakers, new degrees, promotions and advanced certifications. Peer-to-peer and unit-based distinctions abound in the form of Applause, a Johns Hopkins Medicine rewards program, Patient Safety Stars from the Armstrong Institute, and other internal or external awards.

Nursing Awards

A combination of several treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy or hormone therapy, may be used to treat prostate cancer. The medical team will provide a comprehensive assessment of available treatments as well as expected outcomes. The treatment decision will be based on a number of clinical and psychological factors, including the patient's cancer stage, need for therapy, level of risk, anticipated life expectancy, overall health and personal preference.

When it comes to prostate cancer treatment, timing is often just as important as the type of treatment chosen. Some patients select active surveillance or watchful waiting to delay treatment and avoid the associated risks and side effects.

Spotlight on Johns Hopkins Bayview Nurses

Learn about the specialty programs in nursing: our clinical ladder program, ACE, and the challenging opportunities available in Neurology and Neurosciences. See the entire video playlist here.

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Lean Management of Infant Feeding Assessment: Changing Unit Culture to Improve Patient Care

This resource page for a Lean project on infant feeding times, LATCH scores and stool assessment contains the work of patient safety specialist Katharine Giancola, MSN, RN, IBCLC, CPPS C-EFM, C-ONQS, and CUSP team chair Susan Aronson, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM.