Fiscal Year 2014 Timeline

Take a look back at fiscal year 2014---from stories that showcase Johns Hopkins Medicine International's work around the world, to illustrations of how collaboration produces sustainable improvements in the quality, accessibility and safety of health care.

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T	Paul S. Lietman
Photo of Press Conference of Inauguration of Aramco Healthcare
Map of Trinidad and Tobago overlayed with flag.
Executives holding up a HCL Healthcare sign.
Woman signing a word with Sign Language.
Picture of Lecture room after final recording for Sun Yat-sen University e-learning modules
Profile Picture of medical translator Lina Zibdeh
Picture of Clinica Las Condes in Chile
Screenshot of Chinese multilingual site banner.
Magazine cover of Global Collaborative Healthcare's first issue.
Nurse with Patient
Shaking Hands after signing agreement
Image of Tawam Molecular Imaging Center in UAE
JHI's annual gathering of affiliate leaders with JHM counterparts
Shaking hands after signing agreement with Nigeria's Me Cure
Picture of Reception at Johns Hopkins Singapore
Meeting in Johns Hopkins meeting room
Handing off the key to new owners
  • JHI Supports Medical Education and Biomedical Discovery

    July 1st, 2013 - Through the Paul S. Lietman Johns Hopkins Medicine International Scholarships, JHI supports international students attending The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. On this date, JHI's contribution increased to $160,000 to support four students. (Ultimately, JHI is committed to ongoing annual contributions of $320,000.)

    JHI also funds a global health care fellowship awarded to a recently trained physician addressing a clinical problem that has global impact. Matthew Burkey, M.D., was the first recipient in 2012. He uses the award to investigate cross-cultural validation assessments of early childhood mental disorders, ADHD, and prevention of childhood mental disorders in low- and middle-income countries. Neonatologist Azadeh Farzin became the second fellow on this date. She is engaged in research validating novel biomarkers of sepsis in newborns and young infants.

  • Inauguration of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

    January 28th, 2014 - Saudi Aramco, a world leader in energy, and Johns Hopkins Medicine signed a joint venture agreement in June 2013 that set the stage for this extraordinary accomplishment. Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare is a first-of-its-kind health care joint venture that brings together Johns Hopkins Medicine's world-renowned clinical, education and research expertise with the long-established health care delivery system and approximately 350,000 beneficiaries of Saudi Aramco, a world leader in energy.

    The main tenets reflect Johns Hopkins Medicine's three-part mission: medical services to Saudi Aramco's employees and dependents, education for its clinicians and other health care professionals, and opportunities for research collaborations.

  • Trinidad and Tobago Health Sciences Initiative Celebratory Symposium

    Jan 28th, 2014 - At the symposium, the conclusion of the Trinidad and Tobago Health Sciences Initiative's seven-year Diabetes Outreach Program, the minister of health delivers the keynote address and Johns Hopkins Medicine experts present to local stakeholders on their work to improve diabetes care in the nation.

    Accomplishments include publication of several studies (most recently, a white paper documenting growing incidence of childhood obesity) and a Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educator (CCDE) preparation program. The nation now boasts 20 CCDEs—more than any other Caribbean nation.

  • JHI signs agreement with HCL Avitas

    February 6th, 2014 - HCL Avitas, the health care delivery arm of HCL Healthcare in India, and JHI begin an affiliation to help raise the standard of health care in India through knowledge exchange and consulting arrangements.

  • Language Access Services assumes responsibility for ASL interpretation services

    March 1st, 2014 - Language Access Services Division assumes responsibility for American Sign Language interpretation services. The Johns Hopkins Hospital's patient experience department transitions this responsibility to JHI, taking advantage of its proven expertise in meeting the needs of local patients with limited English proficiency.

  • Final recording for Sun Yat-sen University e-learning modules

    March 13th, 2014 - As part of a blended learning program for Sun Yat-sen University's clinical investigators and research coordinators, JHI produced 32 e-learning modules in Chinese and English. The modules feature Johns Hopkins faculty and research managers and provide nearly 20 hours of training. The goal is to amplify familiarity with basic research principles in preparation for the next stage of the program—a five-day, highly interactive, on-site course led by Johns Hopkins faculty.

  • American Translators Association's first Arabic medical translation webinar

    April 9th, 2014 - ​JHI medical translator Lina Zibdeh leads this groundbreaking opportunity and shares her expertise on this complex subject.

    In addition to medical translators like Lina who provide discharge instructions and patient education materials in non-English languages, JHI employs a corps of 50+ medical interpreters who provide in-person and telephonic interpretation in 20 languages for The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Communication is at the core of patient-centered care, and this dedicated team of qualified interpreters and translators ensures clear communication between care providers and patients.

    JHI’s Language Access Services team is committed to professional development, rigorous interpretation standards and education. They teach faculty and staff about how and when to use JHI’s services, and they help patients understand patient- and family-centered care and next steps for their treatment.

  • Joint Commission International reaccredits Clínica Las Condes (Chile)

    May 12th, 2014 - One of the earliest achievements of JHI's affiliation with Clínica Las Condes was the successful preparation for its accreditation in 2007. This is its second reaccreditation since.

  • Multilingual microsites launch

    June 2nd, 2014 - Five multilingual, patient-focused microsites connect patients in more places with the information about Johns Hopkins Medicine they need. These sites include translations of the Johns Hopkins Hospital video tour.

  • Global Collaborative Healthcare: First issue launches

    June 30th, 2014 - As more academic medical centers engage internationally, this semi-annual publication brings together diverse voices and focuses discussions on best practices for collaborating to improve health care around the world.

  • Johns Hopkins Singapore's oncology program accredited

    July 1 2013 - The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International accredits Johns Hopkins Singapore's oncology program and the first medical oncology resident began his first year.

  • JHI signs agreement with Brazil's Hospital Moinhos de Vento

    August 27th 2013 - Enhancements in clinical care and patient safety, medical research and nursing initiatives are at the core of an affiliation agreement signed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Hospital Moinhos de Vento of Porto Alegre, Brazil—one of that nation's leaders in health care delivery and innovation.

  • Joint Commission International accredits Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre (UAE)

    September 6th, 2013 - Joint Commission International (JCI) is the gold standard of international hospital accreditation, providing a recognized improvement framework to ensure a high quality of care. Affiliates such as this one engage in continuous process improvements related to JCI accreditation.

  • Partners Forum 2013

    September 30th, 2013 - Developing local solutions to global health care challenges: JHI's annual gathering of affiliate leaders with their Johns Hopkins Medicine counterparts and launch of the first Americas and Caribbean Partners Day event focusing on regional issues.

  • JHI signs its first-ever agreement in sub-Saharan Africa with Nigeria's Me Cure

    Oct 10th, 2013 - JHI signs its first-ever agreement in sub-Saharan Africa with Nigeria's Me Cure​. ​The clinical burden of eye disease in Nigeria is growing exponentially—likely a symptom of an aging population with increasing life expectancy and of growing rates of noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Through JHI, Me Cure engaged the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins in their endeavor to create a center of excellence for eye care.

  • Celebrations at Johns Hopkins Singapore

    October 24th - 25th, 2013 - Johns Hopkins Singapore celebrates its 15th anniversary on the 24th and Joint Commission International reaccreditation the very next day.

  • IT system selection kicks off

    December 11th, 2013 - In line with its commitment to continually improve our processes and refine our decision-making capabilities, JHI begins a significant investment in information technology. New tools and refined processes will enhance JHI's ability to anticipate clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

  • Corniche Hospital management transition

    December 31st, 2013 - One of many goals of JHI's five-year agreement, concluding on this date, is a smooth transition of leadership back to the owners (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company-SEHA). Throughout their tenure at the helm, the JHI team worked with the hospital's dedicated staff to expand clinical services and medical education opportunities and improve quality. (Just five days prior to the handover, Joint Commission International reaccredited the hospital for the second time.)

    Read more on how JHI collaborated to create sustainable health care leadership at Corniche Hospital in "Rebirth in Abu Dhabi".