Johns Hopkins Singapore

Singapore International Medical Centre

2005 - 2017 


In 1998, the Singapore government signed an agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine and set out to develop the country’s first private medical facility that combined clinical research and teaching with patient care services. Under this agreement, Johns Hopkins Singapore opened in 2000 as Johns Hopkins’ first jointly owned and managed facility outside the United States. Since 2005 it was located in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

It offered patients a geographical alternative for Johns Hopkins oncology care—a state-of-the-art service with 30 inpatient beds, including a high-end presidential suite for dignitaries and an outpatient unit for chemotherapy—in a modern Asian setting that’s culturally diverse and sensitive to the needs of both Singaporeans and international patients.

The 1,200-bed Tan Tock Seng Hospital, established in 1844, is the second-largest acute care general hospital in Singapore, with specialty centers in rehabilitation medicine and communicable diseases. The hospital is a member of the National Healthcare Group and provides high-quality holistic health care services to the people of Singapore. 

As of 1 Nov 2017, the oncology services, physicians and nurses transitioned to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Below are some highlights from the joint venture


  • Joint Commission International Accreditation (2004, 2007, 2010, 2013). In August 2004, it became the first private hospital in Singapore to receive Joint Commission Accreditation.
  • Treatment and clinical research programs focused on solid tumors such as breast, colon, lung and prostate, plus liver, gastric and nasopharyngeal cancers-the most common among Asians
  • Opened a gynecologic surgery program in 2004
  • Oncology rotations, lectures, observerships, visiting professorship and symposia facilitated knowledge transfer between Baltimore and Singapore
  • Worked in collaboration with researchers from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, National University of Singapore and National Cancer Centre, Singapore
  • Supported health awareness activities in the local community

Points of Pride

  • One of the leading oncology centers in Singapore
  • Each year, the centre sees more than 1,400 new cancer patients from the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions
  • Clinical trials and research focused on:
    • Genetic basis of Asian diseases to tailor therapies for Asian population
    • Developing novel therapies for diseases prevalent in this region
    • Active studies in the areas of breast, lung, nasopharyngeal, renal and gastric cancers
    • 65 clinical trials have been completed