Hospital Moinhos de Vento: Education and Patient Safety Transformation

When Hospital Moinhos de Vento (HMV), already a top hospital in Brazil, wanted to take its clinical care, medical education and research to the next level, its leaders found a hospital consulting partner in Johns Hopkins Medicine. Together we have been transforming several hospital practices, including graduate health care education and patient safety.  

How We Work Together

  • Developed a residency rotation program. HMV was our first affiliate to send residents for monthlong observer rotations at Johns Hopkins. HMV residents rotated through internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics and the intensive care unit.

  • Established complex case discussions — including in cardiology, oncology, internal medicine and pediatrics — between HMV and Johns Hopkins faculty to expand health care training for complex illnesses. The discussions educated HMV residents about international best practices, clinical care approaches and oral presentation of clinical cases and facilitated international collaboration in clinical and education research.

  • Strengthened faculty and curriculum development through preceptor workshops, webinars and conferences.

  • Created and strengthened health care quality and patient safety programs. We leveraged the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality to help HMV launch and sustain nearly 20 Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) teams. Created by Johns Hopkins researchers, CUSP aims to improve patient safety culture while providing front-line caregivers with the tools they need to tackle safety hazards. CUSP is a linchpin of many large-scale patient safety efforts across the United States and internationally. 

What Our Affiliate Says

We are honored to collaborate with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. The affiliation supports our strategy of pursuing value-based health care approaches and the integration of patient care, education and research. Furthermore, it reinforces and amplifies our vision to excel in patient care.

Mohamed Parrini Mutlaq , CEO, Hospital Moinhos de Vento

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