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Awards, Honors and Other News

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High Impact Inventors

Ted Dawson and two other Johns Hopkins faculty were named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors, for the impact their inventions have made to mankind’s overall quality of life. Read more.

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Stem Cell Studies

​Congrats to scientist Jeff Bulte on his National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences grant to study how imaging techniques may be able to track the effectiveness of genome-edited stem cell therapies in ALS. 

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National Academy Accolades

Ted Dawson and nine other Johns Hopkins faculty were elected to the National Academy of Medicine. They will serve with the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering as advisers for the nation and the international community. 

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Parkinson's Disease Honors

The 2021 Jay Van Andel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Parkinson’s Disease Research was awarded to Ted Dawson by the Van Andel Institute. The award is for advancing our understanding of Parkinson’s Disease. Read more.

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Funding Fundamental Research on Parkinson's Disease

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund highlighted the impact of funding Dr. Valina Dawson's research on Parkinson's Disease. Watch the video.

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Basic Research on Stem Cells Leads to Clinical Advances

Watch this video from the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund on how Dr. Elias Zambidis searches for new ways to use stem cells to treat disease.

Audio interviews with Institute for Cell Engineering researchers

Other News


News and Events

The Institute for Cell Engineering hosts many scientific lectures, seminars and events throughout the year. We bring scientists to Johns Hopkins from around the world to foster research collaborations and share ideas that will move medicine forward.

In addition, Institute faculty members lecture at scientific meetings, foundations, universities and research institutes across the globe to share their expertise with cell engineering scientists.

Scientists interested in lecturing at the Institute for Cell Engineering should contact the Institute at 410-614-3359.

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