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90/10 Medical Benefit

Dear JHH/JHHSC Colleagues,

Starting October 21st, you’ll choose benefit options that form an important part of your total compensation. These selections—made online or with a member of the Benefits team—make a difference for you and for your family, so we want you to understand and feel good about them.

Much remains the same, including our vision and dental benefits, discounts for non-smokers, and cash rewards for your participation in Healthy@Hopkins programs, designed to help you grow healthier.

Open Enrollment is the time to understand what has changed about your new “90/10” medical benefit. I invite you to ask our Benefits Team about these important changes:

  1. 90/10 co-insurance, or your 10 percent share of certain medical costs, up to an annual maximum, for inpatient and outpatient care
  2. Changes to co-pays, and a new deductible under the 90/10 plan
  3. Providing EHP the name of your primary care provider, and your dependents, for a co-pay of $10
  4. Toll-free member hotline to help manage or navigate through Johns Hopkins specialist providers

We will update you as we take important steps to improve your access to care in the Johns Hopkins Health System. What’s more, there are many, many programs and resources available to help you manage both your health and your health care.

It’s my personal commitment that we will work with you until you fully understand the changes and your benefit options.


Bonnie Windsor
Vice President of Human Resources, Johns Hopkins Hospital