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Job Training – Office of Strategic Workforce Planning & Development

The Office of Strategic Workforce Planning encompasses workforce development programs targeted to current employees through Project REACH, and community adults & youth through Community Education Programs. 

Project REACH

Project REACH (Resources and Education for the Advancement of Careers at Hopkins) is a career acceleration program designed to help current Johns Hopkins Health System employees gain the skills and knowledge necessary to fill vacant healthcare positions—with a focus on those that are experiencing critical and chronic shortages.

Since July of 2004, more than 400 Hopkins employees entered this innovative program and are well on their way to better-paying, more rewarding positions throughout the organization.
For a history of the program development, see our Project REACH retrospective.

Project REACH Philosophy 

REACH programs are designed as a mechanism to support our employees’ career advancement, and to address the critical shortage needs of our departments. Aligned with the Johns Hopkins Medicine Strategic People Priority, we work to engage, develop, and retain the world’s best people. We do this by offering coaching, programs with education/work flexibility, assessments, and other resources.

Always keeping service excellence for patient care in mind, we provide these opportunities in partnership with managers, educators, and recruiters within our organization to determine the best candidates for our services. In particular, our priority is to support employees in positions with limited work scheduling flexibility, and with interests in upgrading their skills to secure advanced positions or knowledge in critical shortage occupation that would provide a wage increase.

Discover the Program

Program Highlights

Career Coaching

Not sure of your career direction? Ready to change careers or increase your skills? A Career Coach can help guide you in the right path. A Career Coach can help you develop a plan and set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and  time-bound) goals to help you reach your educational and career goals in healthcare.


The Office of Strategic Workforce Planning & Development under Project REACH provide a host of assessments to highlight employment readiness, basic & occupational skills, barriers to employment success, and other areas that assist in preparing employees for advancement. Career Coaches utilize assessments to help participants realize their skills and interests, and to help them develop a plan for success.

Salary Release Support

Salary Release is a feature provided to employees that meet program guidelines. Salary release provides opportunities for full-time employees to maintain their full-time wages & benefit accural, while working part-time (24 hours) in their department. The remaining hours (16 hours) are dedicated to attending classes.

Salary Release Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for Project REACH Salary Release support, employees must meet the following requirements:

  • Current JHHS employee with full-time status (40 hr/wk; 1 FTE)
  • Full-time permanent employment for at least one year prior to submission of application
  • Must have completed the Project REACH application
  • Must have secured a manager recommendation
  • Have achieved minimum rating of “2”' (met expectations) on your most recent annual appraisal. You also must not have received a score of "1" (needs improvement) for any area on your annual appraisal
  • Cannot be in active discipline (verbal or written for job performance &/or attendance) and must remain in good standing throughout the Project REACH process
  • Must be actively employed (physically present and able to perform job duties) in department at all times
  • Must have completed all educational program pre-requisites
  • Be a US citizen (must submit a copy of social security card and a valid Maryland driver's license or Motor Vehicle Identification Card)
  • Graduated High School or have earned a G.E.D
  • Provide a copy the acceptance letter to the educational program (must be on school letterhead or printed from your student portal bearing your name and the school’s URL.
  • Provide a copy of current transcript
  • Provide a copy of the course outline/plan of study from the enrolled program. (must be on school letterhead or printed from your student portal bearing your name and the school’s URL).
  • Provide a current professional resume
  • Must be willing to sign a service commitment agreement

Salary Release Application Process & Guidelines

Eligible employees interested in salary release must communicate with their department managers their interest in becoming a Project REACH participant PRIOR to applying to Project REACH. Current manager recommendations are required for any employee who would like to be considered for salary release support..

Employees must complete a series of activities before they are provided salary release. Employees interested in salary release must:

  1. Contact the Strategic Workforce Planning & Development office and have an initial meeting with a career coach to discuss academic, training, or career interests.
  2. Begin the REACH participant application process at least four months BEFORE the start of the educational program or the need to have the salary release support.
    1. Program staff will forward participant application instructions form electronically to employee
  3. Secure all required documentation listed in eligibility criteria. Including transcripts, acceptance letters, current resume etc.
  4. Complete the on-line program application, which include the participant application and a manager recommendation.
    1. Program staff will forward manager recommendation form electronically to manager.
  5. Complete assigned assessments.
  6. Successfully complete a hiring department interview and/or share day.

*The Office of Strategic Workforce Planning & Development reserves the right to modify this process at any time.

Participation in salary release is not guaranteed. Participation is dependent upon:

  • Completed application, manager recommendation and questionnaire
  • Earning a score on the assessments that indicate your readiness for training
  • The individualized educational plan employees have worked out with their  career coaches
  • The availability of positions
  • Signing and adherence to the service contract and program guidelines

Please Note: Applicants who are not able to provide or complete all of the above requirements will not be considered for salary release support.

Frequently Supported Critical Skills Shortage Occupations

(not an all-inclusive list):

Learn More and Apply

For more information about the program or to apply, please schedule an initial contact meeting with one of our career coaches. Call 443-997-4585 or stop by our office (Eastern Campus, Suite A200), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Submit a request for services using our online form.