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When you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, or because you’re having a baby, it’s important that you continue to make an income. Eligible JHHSC/JHH employees will receive income protection through our short-term, mid-term and long-term disability benefits. If an injury or illness is work-related, the employee may receive workers’ compensation.

Questions About Disability?

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Short-term disability

Our short-term disability benefit is provided at no cost to eligible employees. It’s designed to provide you with a continuing source of income during short periods of illness or injury where you cannot perform your regular job duties. Many people also use short-term disability (combined with paid time off) to earn income during maternity leave. You must be under a doctor’s care to be considered disabled.

You will receive benefits equal to 60% of your regular bi-weekly base pay (including regular shift differential and excluding overtime and commissions). Benefits begin after you’ve been unable to work for 14 consecutive calendar days, and they are payable for up to 11 weeks (non-union) or 24 weeks (union).

Mid-term and long-term disability

Employees may opt to enroll in mid-term* and long-term disability insurance coverage. The cost of coverage is deducted from your bi-weekly pay. This benefit provides additional income replacement in the event an illness or injury extends beyond the limits of short-term disability coverage.

You may extend short-term disability benefits with mid-term disability benefits, but only if you have elected to participate in long-term disability insurance coverage. Mid-term disability benefits extend your short-term disability benefits for up to an additional 13 weeks after short-term benefits run out. The benefit is calculated the same way and operates under the same rules as your short-term disability benefits.

Long-term disability insurance replaces 60% of your monthly base pay after you have been continuously disabled for 26 weeks.

Cost of coverage: See "Cost of LTD" section of Non-union or Union Benefits Guides for more information.

*The mid-term disability insurance benefit is only available to non-represented (non-union) employees.

Additional information

For more detailed information about short- and long-term disability benefits, including eligibility and payment of benefits, download your Summary Plan Description.