Preparing for Parenthood Class Descriptions

Having a baby is a unique and special time and at Howard County General Hospital: A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, we do everything possible to make your experience safe, comfortable and happy. We know you’re excited and that you probably have some questions about how to prepare for your delivery, what to expect when you go into labor and arrive at the hospital, and how to care for your newborn when you get home. We believe education is an important component in preparing for your baby’s arrival. Our childbirth and new parent education classes encourage the active participation of family members and are designed to prepare you for having a successful experience.

Class Descriptions

Birthing Center Tours
During this free one-hour tour, parents-to-be will preview the maternity services at HCGH. The tour is available for mother-to-be and one other adult only. Because of space limitations, additional adults or children will not be allowed on the tour. For your benefit, we recommend that you take your tour six to eight weeks before your due date. Register:  2018-2019 Tours (Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar) (Apr-July) (July-Sept) (Oct-Dec) | Video Tour

For siblings, please consider enrolling your child(ren) in the "I’m Going to be a Big Brother or Sister" class at Howard County Library System. For information, visit Howard County Library System's website or call 410-313-7750.

Prepared Childbirth Program
Per Couple: $85 if delivering at HCGH $105 if delivering elsewhere
Join other expectant couples and prepare for your labor and delivery. You will learn about birthing terms, stages and phases of labor, medical interventions, recovery, changes to expect after the baby arrives and non-medical pain management (relaxation, breathing patterns and coach’s involvement). This program is available as a one-day class on a weekend. Taking this class 6 to 8 weeks before your due date is recommended.  2018 Classes | 2019 Classes

Infant Care
$80 per couple
Parents, grandparents and care givers are welcome to attend this class. Learn about the newborn’s appearance, feeding, sleeping, crying, signs of illness, caring for a sick infant, infant stimulation and parenting roles. Lecture, group discussion and hands-on practice will enhance your learning. Taking this class 6 to 8 weeks before your due date is recommended. Register:  Infant Care 2018 | Infant Care 2019

Prenatal Class for Your Early Pregnancy
Parents-to-be in the first trimester are presented up-to-date best practices to support the early stages of pregnancy.  Understanding the interrelationship and importance between mom and baby, how it affects baby’s growth and ways you can support your pregnancy to promote a healthier delivery are presented.  Register

$30 per couple
This class will prepare couples for a positive, successful breastfeeding experience. A lactation consultant will provide practical information for those who will remain at home or return to work. Parents will learn about the physical and emotional issues related to breastfeeding. Partners will learn how to take a supportive role in the breastfeeding process. Taking this class 6 to 8 weeks before your due date is recommended. Register:  Breastfeeding 2018 | Breastfeeding 2019

Breastfeeding Support Group

Mondays and Wednesdays (choose one), 12:30-1:30 pm
HCGH Wellness Center, 10710 Charter Drive, Suite 100, free, drop-in.

For additional information, please call 410-740-7830.

Financial Issues for Prospective, Expectant and New Parents
A certified financial planner will discuss the financial issues involved in starting a family including income and expenses, saving for college and steps you can take to help make having a baby more affordable. Learn how to protect your family should something happen to you and how employer benefits and government tax breaks can help provide for your new family. You will leave this program with an action plan to help make you feel confident about your finances and able to focus on being a parent.  Search for classes

Family and Friends CPR
$45 per person
Family & Friends CPR teaches the lifesaving skills of Adult hands only CPR; Child CPR with breaths; Adult and Child AED use; Infant CPR; and relief of choking in an adult, child or infant. Register:  CPR

Choose Your Pediatrician and Promote Your Newborn’s Health
Preparing for your new baby includes finding the right pediatrician before you deliver. Learn factors to consider and questions to ask when choosing your pediatrician. The discussion will also include ways you can promote the health of your newborn. Search for classes

Happiest Baby on the Block
$50 per couple
Learn successful techniques that can quickly soothe your crying newborn baby and promote a more restful sleep for your infant. Parent kits are included. Babies up to 3 months old may attend only if both parents are attending. The techniques taught are for use with babies up to 3 months old. Register

Prenatal Yoga
Eight-week session, $88
Prepare for the birth of your baby with gentle and safe movements to stretch, strengthen and relax your body. Classes will be tailored to your individual needs and stages of pregnancy. Physician permission is required before the first class. Search for classes

Registration Information

For more information on any childbirth and new parent education program, please visit You will find a full list of services, a virtual tour of the Maternal Child Unit and class information including dates and times. You may register for all classes and a birthing center tour online. Call 410-740-7601 with questions.

When Should I Schedule My Class?

For your own benefit, we strongly recommend taking the Birthing Center Tour and Prepared Childbirth classes (including Breastfeeding and Infant Care) 6 to 8 weeks before your due date. Classes and tours fill quickly and early registration is suggested. We suggest registering at least two months before your due date, but please select classes so they end no sooner than one month before your due date.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation must be made at least one week before class in order to receive a full refund. A $25 fee will be charged for a cancellation less than a week before class begins. A cancellation less than 24 hours before class begins will not receive a refund. For further information, please call 410-740-7601.