Now Hiring: Flex Hospitalists

We seek hospitalists interested in serving as the primary inpatient clinician for hospitalized patients in a flexible work model based on COVID volumes and staffing needs. This is a one-year position (subject to renewal) as a Clinical Associate based primarily at Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) with potential to work at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (JHBMC) as needed.

Flex Hospitalist Job Description

Johns Hopkins Medicine 


  • 1-year Clinical Associate positions (subject to renewal)
  • Primarily assigned to JHH; some may work at JHBMC
  • Higher salaries for Flex Hospitalists come with expectation that providers maintain scheduling flexibility described below
  • Annual clinical expectations based on hours actually worked (as described below), which will be tracked monthly

Clinical Duties

  • Flex Duty: Up to 16 weeks a year (V-Su)
    •  Fill in assignments based on acute staffing needs, including:
      • ED facilitator shifts: If there are high volumes of medicine boarders in the ED, the Flex Duty provider may be deployed to the ED to help admit, discharge and advance plans of care for these patients. 
      • Acute moonlighting staffing needs
      • Other direct care staffing needs as needed
    • Flex Duty shifts can be at any time of day, but with attention to sleep hygiene as appropriate (eg, avoiding shifts of alternating days and nights); back-to-back shifts will only be assigned with provider consent with no more than 7 shifts per flex duty week except by provider consent.
    • Flex Duty assignments will generally be made within 1-3 days of the start of shift
    • Clinical credit for Flex Duty weeks will be assigned as follows:
      • The provider will be credited with the actual worked during the Flex Duty week. 
      • Providers are guaranteed at least 35 hours of work during Flex Duty weeks (target 60-80 hours)
  • Moonlighting shifts scheduled in advance: Shifts that would otherwise be filled by moonlighters (including admitting shifts, swing shifts and night shifts).
  • Traditional hospitalist shifts: Clinical duties typically performed by hospitalists, including direct care shifts, ect.

Work Structure & Salary

  • Various scheduling models exist, including nocturnist, daytime and mixed. Annual service obligations vary by job model. 
  • Vacation/non-clinical weeks: Hospitalists can block out up to 10 non-clinical weeks per year, but should expect to be assigned to work at least 1 major holiday week (Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years).
  • Weekends: Flex hospitalists should expect to be assigned to clinical duties up to 20 weekends per year. Weekends are defined as 11 pm on Friday to 7 am on Monday. 
  • Salaries range from $248,000 to $265,000
  • Additional compensation: Flex hospitalists who have met their annual clinical assignments may choose to moonlight for supplemental income.
  • Additional income: $1,500 annual CME income, Parking 

Interested candidates should send CV and two reference letters to both:

Daniel J. Brotman, MD, FACP, MHM

Director, Division of Hospital Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Professor of Medicine
[email protected]

Becca C. Engels, MD, MPH

Director, Flex Hospitalists
Assistant Professor of Medicine
[email protected]

Johns Hopkins is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer, we encourage women and minorities to apply.