Comprehensive Consultation and Co-Management Services

Welcome to the Division of Hopkins Hospital Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital consultation and co-management services. The discipline of consult medicine continues to grow, and we intend to lead the way. Our mission is to provide our patients with world-class care and our trainees with a firm foundation in the basics of consultative medicine. 

Comprehensive Consultation Service

We are proud to offer a unique learning experience for trainees of all levels. The consult service is led by the general internal medicine faculty who have a special interest in consultative medicine. Residents from the Osler medical training program along with medical students have the opportunity to collaborate with physicians from other services to care for patients with primarily surgical, gynecological, and psychiatric illnesses. The basics of consult medicine, peri-operative care, anticoagulation issues, and an evidence-based approach to practice are emphasized. Trainees evaluate the patients initially and then present the patient care problem(s) to the attending faculty. The trainees follow their patients daily with guidance from the attending and make additional recommendations for evaluation and management.

We welcome trainees from other institutions who wish to learn consultative medicine. The clerkship is particularly appropriate for students interested in entering a field of surgery, anesthesiology, psychiatry, or internal medicine. We ask that all students have finished a basic medicine clerkship before rotating on the consult service.

The faculty firmly believe that experiential and formal instruction of the trainees is essential. Selected articles regarding important consultation topics are provided and discussed. Teaching sessions are led regularly by the fellows and faculty.

Orthopedic Co-Management Service

The Division of Hospital Medicine recently began a co-management service to help manage high-risk patients admitted to orthopedic services at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Hospitalists work closely with the orthopedic team to manage the various medical conditions on a subset of patients to optimize the medical care for those with significant co-morbidities. Teaching opportunities exist for both the hospitalist and the orthopedic team to be able to learn more about each respective field. 

Join us as we provide a valued and important services to the rest of the Johns Hopkins community. If you have questions or would like to apply for an away elective with the consult service, please contact Dr. Rebecca Engels at [email protected].

Becca C. Engels, MD MPH

  • Director of Consult and Co-Management Services
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

SHM Consultative and Perioperative Medicine Essentials for Hospitalists - An online resource, formerly known as The Johns Hopkins Consultative Medicine Essentials for Hospitalists, specifically created and designed for hospitalists and residents interested in the fields of consultative and perioperative medicine, providing authoritative and comprehensive training in general medical care of hospitalized patients through over 20 free, CME-accredited, case-based modules.