Hospitalists enjoying a picnic together outside around a long table.

The Division of Hospital Medicine is invested in ensuring that the wellness of providers and staff and Joy in Practice is top of mind for the leadership. The leadership of the group is committed to transparency and is dedicated to solving issues affecting well-being that are brought forward by the group.

Specific activities to ensure wellness and joy of practice include:

  • Wellness Director
    There is a dedicated leadership role to overseeing the wellness activities of the group.
  • Wellness Committee
    The wellness committee, made up of members from within the division, generates ideas to ensure the wellness of the group. Activities include planning social events, didactic programing around wellness, providing support for members of the group during difficult times, and celebrating happy life events.
  • Annual Hospitalist-Specific Morale Survey
    The Division of Hospital Medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview pioneered an annual hospitalist-specific morale survey which we have published on. This morale survey has been disseminated beyond JHBMC, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Affinity Groups
    Affinity groups for UIM, women, and LGBTQ+ have been developed for members of these groups and their allies. These affinity groups allow for a focus on the topics of importance to these unique groups of people.
  • Harnessing Our Creativity
    We harness our creativity to develop positive team culture. Examples include utilizing original photography and hand-painted gifts to celebrate life events and awards. We also share our creative writing to boost morale.

Johns Hopkins also offers numerous resources and programs to foster the wellness of its employees.