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About Us

The mission of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is to make the world a better place.

The division has grown to become one of the nation’s leading hospital medicine groups, and our practice model has been the template for the development of other hospital medicine groups within the Hopkins health system, nationally, and internationally. Our diverse faculty and staff are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in hospital medicine.

We Value

Providing the best patient care with a focus on clinical excellence and systems’ innovations.
We are committed to the goal of improving the provision of inpatient care.

Fostering scholarly excellence and unrivaled medical education.
We are highly motivated to achieve academic promotion and scholarly opportunities for both our providers and staff.

Creating a program which focuses on the joyfulness of practice, work-life balance, diversity, and the wellness of the group.
We are dedicated to creating an environment and a culture that fosters career-long hospitalists.

A commitment to support, encourage, and inspire each other as members of a strong and close-knit team.
In our practice, we say that we are a family. The people are what makes our division great.

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Division of Hospital Medicine
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