About the Center

Bruce Perler

The Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute's team of board certified vascular surgeons are world-renowned leaders in vascular surgery and minimally invasive endovascular therapy.

Our team provides comprehensive state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for the entire spectrum of circulatory disorders, from medical management to minimally invasive endovascular therapy to conventional open surgery.

Experience in Making Excellent Surgical Decisions

Our surgeons are uniquely trained and experienced to weigh the various treatment options available, including medical therapy, as well as surgical and endovascular approaches. By offering the entire spectrum of therapeutic options, our physicians can assure patients that they are receiving the most appropriate therapy for their conditions. In this way, the patient will receive:

  • better outcomes
  • faster recovery times
  • optimal quality of life
  • improved outlooks for the long term

Our surgeons' extensive experience managing complex aortic aneurysms as well as other rare aneurysms of the arterial branches makes us expertly qualified to manage all vascular surgical patients.

Surgical Outcomes

Surgical volumes are the number of times a hospital has done a specific surgical procedure in a defined time period. Hospitals that do more of a specific surgical procedure tend to have better outcomes for their patients than hospitals that do less of them. View the average number of times that vascular surgeries are performed each year at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Commitment to Effective Treatment

Each year our surgeons evaluate thousands of patients with circulatory conditions ranging from the common to the rare. Our commitment is to diagnose the patient's problem precisely, and to provide the most effective therapy specifically tailored for that individual's needs. Our goal is to optimize our patients' circulatory health.