Operative Experience

The tables below are a representative case log of our graduating chief from 2020.

In This Section:

Adult Cardiac Experience

Specialty Area Total
Acquired Valvular Heart Disease 123
Myocardial Revascularization 192
Re Do Sternotomy 37
Interventional Skills or Procedures 56
Conduit Dissection and Preparation 10
Aortic Procedures 42
Arrhythmia Surgery 8
Cardiopulmonary Bypass set up and pump run 4
Circulatory Assist/Cardiac Transplant 67

Adult General Thoracic

Specialty Area Total
Lung—Major Anatomic Resections 117
Lung—Major VATS/Robotic Anatomic Resections 39
Lung Biopsy/Wedge Resection 54
Total Lung 171
Pleura—Major 16
Pleura—Minor 14
Total Pleura 30
Chest Wall and Diaphragm 31
Mediastinum 29
Tracheobronchial—Airway Surgery 9
Esophagus—Esophagectomy 31
Esophagus—Benign Major 14
Total Esophagus 45

Congenital Heart

Specialty Area Total
Congenital Heart Disease Assistant 27
Congenital Heart Disease Primary Surgeon 22

Minor Procedures

Specialty Area Total
Bronchoscopy—Simple 35
Bronchoscopy—Complex 0
Total Bronchoscopy 35
UGI—Endoscopy—Simple 23
UGI—Endoscopy—Complex 8
Total UGI—Endoscopy 31
Mediastinal Assessment 0
Mediastinal Assessment—Mediastinoscopy 10
Mediastinal Assessment—EBUS/FNA 0
Mediastinal Assessment—Chamberlain or Mediastinal 0
Node Dissection 5
Total Mediastinal Assessment 15

Other Experience

Specialty Area Total
Consultation Experience—New Patients 51
Consultation Experience—Follow-Up Patients 53
Total Consultation Experience 104
Multidisciplinary Patient Management Conferences 44
Thoracic Critical Care Case Management 20
Cardiac and Congenital Critical Care Case Management 20
Total Critical Care Case Management 40
Simulation 20

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