Johns Hopkins Cardiovascular Care in the National Capital Region

Cardiovascular Care at Suburban Hospital

Johns Hopkins specialists in the National Capital Region provide complex cardiac care at Suburban Hospital for patients diagnosed with heart and vascular conditions.

Specialty Areas


We offer a range of cardiology services, including interventional cardiology services (like TAVR and LAAO), electrophysiology and cardiac rehabilitation.

a doctor uses a stethoscope on a patient

Cardiac Surgery

Our cardiac surgery offerings include coronary artery bypass, mitral valve replacement, and minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

cardiac surgeon performing operation

Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy

We offer a range of vascular and endovascular therapies to treat circulatory disorders.

doctor holding patient leg

Community Resources

To help our community's senior residents remain healthy, HeartWell provides one-to-one patient education to improve heart health and prevent further heart disease. Nurse educators check and track blood pressure for participants at identified senior centers in Montgomery County.