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Insights on Inflammation

Inflammation has been found to be an underlying cause of many diseases, making it a hot topic in health media. But what do we really know about inflammation and its effects on the body? Learn from rheumatologist Jemima Albayda, M.D.

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Bladder Cancer: The Basics

Specialists at the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute (GBCI) outline a basic overview of the functions of the bladder, and the different types of cancer that can affect the bladder. Learn about symptoms and risk factors for the disease, and how the GBCI’s multi-disciplinary clinical approach is moving research forward.

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In This Issue - Spring/Summer 2018

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Do wearable fitness trackers work? 

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Your quick Zen fix. 

Reading the Trees

Saving the California redwood by decoding its genome. 

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