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Woman getting out of bed with help from an aid worker.

Caregiving: Knowing When It's Time for In-Home Help

Caring for an ill or aging loved one can be fulfilling, rewarding and it might even help your health -- but it can be draining. Learn when to consider bringing in help.

Tough (But Important) Conversations

As far as conversations with loved ones go, talking about assisted care living and other end-of-life issues may be the hardest.

Senior male checks his cell phone

The Lifesaving Power of Your Phone

The information and apps you have on your phone might just save your life or someone else’s. Here’s what Johns Hopkins experts want you to know.

Pharmacist standing behind the counter

Your Pharmacist: A Partner for Good Health

Your pharmacist is a great source of knowledge and support. Here’s how this health care professional can help you in more ways than you may realize.

Senior male carefully reading two prescription bottles

Help for Managing Multiple Medications

Dealing with multiple meds each day—for you or a loved one—can be challenging. But it’s not uncommon. So what can you do to make it easier—and safer? A Johns Hopkins expert shares the tips you need.

older hands on walker closeup

Safe and Happy at Home

Living with a loved one with dementia in his home or yours?

first aid sign printed on red canvas

Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Take smart steps now so you and your loved ones can stay safe and bounce back quickly.

older african-american womna reading prescription label

Medical Records: Getting Organized

Struggling with your own files or those of a loved one you care for?

older african-american couple arms around each other

Supporting a Spouse Through a Health Challenge

When a spouse is diagnosed with a serious health condition, what can you say?

mother and daughter smiling together

Facing Dementia in the Family

Learning to handle your emotions and those of a loved one with dementia can be anything but straightforward.

Young girl and grandmother

The Surprising Health Bonus of Caregiving

Could caregiving actually boost your longevity?