Liposarcoma: Laini's Story

Liposarcoma | Laini's story

Laini noticed a lump on her leg and knew something wasn't right. She saw a doctor close to home in Virginia, who recommended to surgically remove the lump. It turned out to be a low-grade liposarcoma - a rare type of cancer. Laini's mother looked for a specialized center that could offer more insights on this diagnosis and make sure Laini is in the clear.

In their search, they found the Johns Hopkins Sarcoma Clinic and saw orthopaedic oncologist Adam Levin, M.D., who recommended the next steps to treat Laini's liposarcoma. Now, healthy and strong, she is sharing her story and spreading hope for all those who face a cancer diagnosis.

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Laini's Orthopaedic Oncologist

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