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Conditions We Treat: Vaginal Prolapse After Hysterectomy

Vaginal prolapse may occur after a hysterectomy — a surgery that removes a woman’s uterus — especially if the hysterectomy was done to treat uterine prolapse. 

Vaginal Prolapse After Hysterectomy: What You Need to Know

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  • Symptoms of vaginal prolapse after a hysterectomy include the feeling of vaginal fullness or pressure, like you’re sitting on a small ball, and the sensation that something has fallen out of your vagina.
  • In more serious cases of vaginal prolapse, the top of the vagina may sag and bulge outside of the vaginal opening. 
  • A cystocele or rectocele usually occurs with vaginal prolapse.
  • Vaginal prolapse may cause urinary incontinence.
  • Mild cases of vaginal prolapse do not require treatment. Often, physicians recommend pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscles.
  • Moderate to severe symptoms require nonsurgical therapies or minimally invasive surgeries, such as vaginal prolapse repair, where the vaginal wall is attached to a stable ligament in the pelvis.

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At Johns Hopkins, our researchers are exploring the link among pregnancy, vaginal delivery and pelvic floor dysfunction later in life to develop new, advanced therapies to treat pelvic floor disorders.

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We understand that pelvic health issues are personal and often embarrassing. Our specialists are sensitive to the questions, concerns and needs that come along with a diagnosis of vaginal prolapse after a hysterectomy. Their goal is to provide you with compassionate care while offering advanced, effective treatments.

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