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Conditions We Treat: Rectocele

A rectocele, also called a posterior prolapse, is a condition where the supportive wall of tissue between a woman’s rectum and vaginal wall weakens. Without the support of these pelvic floor muscles and ligaments, the front wall of the rectum bulges into the vagina.

Rectocele: What You Need to Know

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  • A rectocele develops when the muscles between the rectum and vagina weaken, causing the rectum to bulge into the vagina. 
  • Symptoms include feelings of pelvic or vaginal pressure and as if something has dropped out of the vagina.
  • Factors that increase your risk of a rectocele include giving birth vaginally, age, obesity and chronic constipation.
  • A rectocele may cause difficulty in expelling bowel movements and may sometimes be associated with conditions such as fecal incontinence or constipation.
  • Mild cases of a rectocele are often helped with pelvic floor exercises and bowel training.
  • When symptoms become problematic, your physician may recommend a vaginal pessary, a support device inserted into the vagina, or minimally invasive rectocele repair surgery.

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Why choose Johns Hopkins for treatment of rectocele?

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Our Physicians

Rely on the expertise of our physicians to help you manage your rectocele.

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Our Treatments

Our pelvic health specialists use nonsurgical and surgical options to treat a rectocele. We use the latest technology to provide you with effective, minimally invasive treatments, such as including laparoscopic and robotic procedures. Treatment options differ based on the nature of the prolapse, your goals for treatment and any coexisting pelvic floor disorders requiring treatment. 

Learn more about treatments for pelvic floor disorders at Johns Hopkins.

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Our Patient Care

Our experienced pelvic health specialists have advanced training in pelvic floor disorders. Our goal is to reduce the pain and discomfort that can come with rectocele by providing an effective and compassionate treatment plan.

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With convenient locations throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area, we make it easy for you to seek the care and treatment you need to manage your rectocele. 

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