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Cardio-Obstetrics: Providing You and Your Baby Advanced Care for Cardiac Conditions

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Pregnancy is hard on the heart. While you are pregnant, your heart needs to work harder to support the increased blood you and your growing baby need. If you have a pre-existing heart condition, you’re at an increased risk of heart related complications. Our cardio-obstetrics program is specially designed to support you and your child through pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins for Cardio-Obstetric Care?

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Collaboration and Expertise

Our program combines the multidisciplinary expertise of cardiology, maternal-fetal medicine, and adult congenital cardiology. We also have access to specialized surgeons and care throughout Johns Hopkins.


Labor and Delivery

Through this program, mothers deliver their baby in the supportive environment of The Johns Hopkins Hospital labor and delivery unit without the risk of being transferred to the cardiac critical care unit.


Streamlined Appointments

Moms have the ability to combine their prenatal scans and heart scans into one appointment.

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Specialized labor and delivery rooms are equipped with cardiac monitoring systems and newborn beds. This allows for you and your child to remain together, bonding during recovery.


 Meet Our Team of Experts


Maternal-Fetal Medicine Experts

Cardiology Experts


Congenital Cardiology Experts


Obstetric Anesthesia Experts


Frequently Asked Questions

  • hospital room for mother and babyA: Yes. Your hospital room is equipped with cardiac monitoring systems, equipped to do telemetry as well as invasive monitoring, should you need it. It is also equipped with a neonatal bed, a special bed designed for your newborn. This allows mothers to remain in the room with their newborn for bonding. Should you your child need it, a level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is also available.
  • A: No. Studies at Johns Hopkins suggest that mothers with cardiac disease are not at an increased risk of needing a caesarian section (c-section).

  • A: All of our services are offered at our The Johns Hopkins Hospital. We offer an innovative and consolidated program with the infrastructure in place to care for you and your baby in any circumstance. During your appointments and delivery, you will be cared for our maternal-fetal medicine specialists and cardiologists.

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