Infectious Disease Clinic

mother and baby holding hands

Pregnant women are continuously exposed to various infectious diseases. While many of these are managed by a primary care physician, on occasion, a pregnant woman needs an obstetrician with expertise in infectious diseases that can complicate pregnancy.

At Johns Hopkins, we are proud to have several maternal-fetal medicine specialists with expertise in infectious disease in pregnancy. We care for women with complicated infections, including hepatitis A, B and C and COVID-19; travel-related diseases, such as Zika virus and malaria; tuberculosis; and HIV. We work with the Infectious Diseases and International Health divisions at Johns Hopkins to help coordinate care not just for the pregnant woman, but also her family.

Many infectious diseases will also infect a pregnant woman’s developing child. We counsel, diagnose and manage pregnancies with an infected child and work with our pediatric infectious disease colleagues to coordinate follow-up care for the child after delivery. We welcome physician and patient referrals for anyone with concerns about infectious diseases complicating pregnancy.