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Nutrition in Pregnancy Clinic

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To meet the needs of the growing population of obese obstetrical patients at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Nutrition in Pregnancy Clinic was initiated in fall 2011. Both in the short and long term, obese women and their offspring have significant health risks.

Patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over but without significant comorbidities receive intensive nutrition counseling and other indicated testing in a clinic with dedicated registered dieticians, social workers, a nurse practitioner and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist attending. Patients with significant comorbidities are seen in the High-Risk Obstetric Clinic.

Patient-Centered Care

The purpose of the clinic is to provide comprehensive prenatal care to obese women by recognizing their specific risks in pregnancy, provide teaching to trainees — medical students and residents — in an attempt to heighten awareness of this often neglected problem and its consequences, and establish a cohort of patients who may be invited to participate in research protocols, with the ultimate aim of setting standards of care for management of obesity in pregnancy that are evidence-based.

If you are interested in attending this clinic or making a referral, please contact access services at 443-997-0400 and reference the clinic.

Dr. Janice Henderson, who runs the clinic, also accepts referrals of obese women for consultation, both preconception and antepartum, as well as referrals for ongoing or shared care in her private clinic on Nelson-2 (410-502-3200).

Dr. Henderson is involved with ongoing research projects in collaboration with colleagues in internal medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Patients may be approached to participate in research.

Headshot of Dr. Janice Henderson Janice Henderson, M.D.

Nutrition: Before, During and Beyond Pregnancy

In this educational webinar, Janice Henderson, M.D., explains what you can do to minimize risks for you and your child during your pregnancy.

Watch and learn.

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