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Gynecology & Obstetrics

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About Robotic Surgery

Radical advances in medical technology now allow surgeons to operate on the human body using less invasive techniques than ever before. The benefits are vast and allow for shorter recovery times, decreased risk of infection and better clinical outcomes.

What Robotic Assisted Really Means

Robotic surgery is really robotic assisted surgery. The surgical robot is an advanced surgical platform that gives an experienced surgeon more precision and control. Your physician can see and evaluate what is occurring internally far better than with traditional, open surgeries and the more recent laparoscopic techniques.

Controlling the Surgical Robot

Our surgeons  are fully trained in all forms of gynecologic surgery, including traditional, open techniques and laparoscopic techniques. The surgical robot combines the best of both by allowing a full visual field of what is occurring inside the body, while maintaining small incisions and precise movements.

Types of Surgeries Available with the Surgical Robot

Benefits of Robotic Assisted Gynecological Surgery

The benefits of robotic assisted gynecologic surgery are vast. Patient testimonials consistently reinforce how minimally invasive gynecologic surgery promotes faster healing times, decreases risk of infection and allows for a quicker return to daily activities.