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Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Patient Stories

With a team of world-renowned surgeons, medical oncologists, researchers and cancer experts, our patients have access to the most innovative treatments and surgical approaches to gynecologic cancers. See how we provide personalized cancer care and support our patients on their journey to wellness and survivorship.

Julie fishing

Ovarian Cancer: Julie's Story

Julie, a finance professional, was shocked to learn her recurring stomach pain was due to ovarian cancer that had spread to other areas. Johns Hopkins gynecologic oncologist Rebecca Stone and a well-coordinated team provided exceptional care from surgery to recovery and beyond.

Read Julie's story.

Tara making artwork

Ovarian Cancer: Tara's Story

Tara, a talented painter and former art teacher, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 49. Johns Hopkins gynecologic oncologist Rebecca Stone helped her regain her health and return to her passion for artistic expression.

Read Tara's story.

Maggie smiling, holding her baby daughter

Molar Pregnancy and Choriocarcinoma: Maggie’s Story

Molar pregnancy, a rare pregnancy complication, led to uterine cancer and threatened Maggie’s health and her chance of having a second baby. Effective treatment and caring experts made all the difference.

Read Maggie's story