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Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Financial Information

Learn more about medical billing and pay your bill online

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about billing and health insurance.

What kind of bill will I receive?

Patients receive two types of billing statements that represent a summary of all charges:

  • Hospital statements, which reflect facility charges (inpatient rooms, equipment, etc.) 
  • Physicians’ statements, which represent the doctors’ charges; itemized bills are available upon request

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Most of the time, insurance companies will cover the cost of treatment. Patients may be responsible for certain costs and should refer to their individual policies for specific terms of coverage and exclusions.

If I receive a bill that shows a balance, does this mean my insurance company is not going to pay it?

A balance on your bill may just mean that you still have claims pending with your insurance company. If a claim has been denied by your insurance company, you will receive notification.

What happens if I do not have medical insurance?

Patients without medical insurance should contact a financial counselorThe counselor will work with the patient and billing departments to set up payment arrangements.