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The Johns Hopkins Fertility Center offers full-spectrum infertility services from consultations to determine the potential causes of your infertility to state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technologies to help our patients achieve pregnancy. If you want to learn more about our services, you can email general inquiries to [email protected]. If you have questions about specific services, please browse the phone directory below.

Phone Number Directory

Browse our various contact methods and reach the right team member.

Treatments and Services

Donor Egg Program: 410-847-3835
Gestational Carrier Program: 410-847-3835
Genetic Counseling: 410-955-3091
Semen Analysis/Specimen Preparation: 410-583-2714
Fertility Preservation*: 410-847-3835
*If this is for fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment or other treatment that will impact your fertility, please tell the patient service coordinator that this is an urgent visit prior to treatment

Other Support Services

After Hours Urgent Clinical Issues: 410-955-4331
Financial Counselors: 410-583-2825
International Patients: 410-502-7683
Interpretation Services: 410-614-4685, para español 1-844-765-9930
IVF Nurses: 410-847-3835
Surgery - Drs. Baker, Dr. Hubayter, Dr. Moragianni, Dr. Hosseinzadeh: 410-583-2750
Surgery - Drs. Cameron, Cayton Vaught, Cross, Segars, Zacur, and Hinton: 410-583-2753

Long Distance Patients

We offer satellite services for our patients who may live a considerable distance from the patient office. This will save you time and expense while undergoing treatment at the Johns Hopkins Fertility Center.

This service is for established patients who live out of state or who are traveling from another country. To facilitate the procedure and decrease the number of days that you have to spend in Baltimore, we can contact your gynecologist, local fertility center, radiology department or laboratory to perform the blood tests and pelvic ultrasounds during the first nine days of the ovulation induction cycle.

You would return to Baltimore two or three days prior to the egg retrieval, and will return home after the embryo transfer.