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Research and Grants

The Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute is working to advance the science and clinical care of bladder cancer through cutting-edge research. While based in Baltimore, Maryland, the institute is a multidisciplinary collaboration that includes clinician-scientists from Johns Hopkins and from other top institutions and organizations around the world.

  • Immunotherapy

    Scientists have discovered that immune cells express molecules called checkpoints, or brake molecules.

  • Targeted Therapies

    Bladder cancer can be grouped into at least four molecular subtypes, determining which patients are good candidates for chemotherapy.

  • Bladder Preservation

    Many researchers are investigating ways to treat the bladder cancer while preserving the bladder.

  • Genetics & Epigenetics

    Bladder cancer biomarkers that appear in urine could potentially serve as noninvasive, DNA-based tests for early diagnosis.

  • Urinary Reconstruction

    Researchers have created a novel tube to empty urine from the body. that is grown from each patient’s own cells.


Grant-Making to Recruit Investigators and Jump-Start Meaningful Research

Given the impact of the disease, there aren’t nearly enough experts dedicated to bladder cancer research. Then there are researchers with novel ideas but no funding or those who — with a little more money — could launch a next-phase trial and produce real results. Through an annual grant program, we are recruiting talent to the field and helping investigators from all over kick off projects and accelerate progress on current initiatives. 

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