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Pediatric/Adolescent Gynecology

Our pediatric gynecologist, Dr. Delese LaCour, sees patients from infancy to age 22 and is specially trained to provide sensitive, age-appropriate examinations and treatment. Experienced in addressing a wide variety of health-related concerns including acne, body image, development, eating disorders, menstrual cycles, sexuality, contraception and painful periods, Dr. LaCour understands the variations of normal prepubertal anatomy and physiology and knows how to communicate with a child and with her parents.

Within a year after a girl has her first menstrual period, she should also have her first healthy-girl visit to a gynecologist. Most girls have their first period sometime between ages 9 and 15 with age 12 being the average age for the onset of menstruation. Dr. LaCour ensures that examinations are done in way that is reassuring and without discomfort, using instruments and equipment especially designed to examine young children and teens.

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