Johns Hopkins Community Physicians FY20 Annual Report

Rising to the Occasion: JHCP’s COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we all live and work. In the latter half of JHCP's fiscal year 2020, COVID-19 shifted priorities for employees across the organization as they responded to the public health crisis. Some refocused their efforts to bolster administrative support for practices, some transformed workflows that would change the way care is delivered, while some donned personal protective equipment (PPE) on the frontlines and dedicated themselves to the health and safety of patients in a whole new way. Read more about JHCP's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in FY20 here.


Primary Care Clinical Innovations

JHCP is dedicated to transforming the way that care is delivered through the development of innovative and high value primary care models. Overseen by JHCP chief of primary care clinical innovation, Michael Albert, these programs are designed to provide exceptional experience and wrap-around care for the segments of patients they serve, with a majority of models focused on patients that need additional time and attention. Read more about these programs here.


The Stories of Fiscal Year 2020

  • Adult Primary Care

    Engaging the Entire Team: More Energizing Than Your Morning Coffee | How is adult primary care leadership improving quality metrics? In fiscal year 2020, they focused on engaging the entire care team. Find out how they did so here.

  • Baltimore North

    An Exercise in Collaboration & Coordination | The Baltimore north region’s greatest accomplishment of fiscal year 2020 was also one of JHCP’s largest. Read more about how East Baltimore Medical Center transitioned into an FQHC.

  • Cardiology

    Collaboration: The Heartbeat of Success | Collaboration and integration with other Johns Hopkins member organizations is a point of focus for JHCP Heart Care leaders. Read about how the section collaborated with Sibley Memorial hospital in FY20.

  • Central Operations

    Health Equality Through Language Services | Language services was an area of focus for the central operations team in FY20. Read about how they created a new central scheduling position and leveraged technology to improve health equity.

  • Credentialing

    From Plan to Action: Emergency Disaster Privileging | In FY20, credentialing manager Deborah Brazil completed a new Emergency Disaster Privileging Plan…just in time for a global pandemic. Read about how the team expedited the credentialing process for emergency use.

  • Diversity Council

    Mentorship: Growth, Opportunity and Development | In FY20, the JHCP Diversity Council began a new Mentorship Program, aimed at connecting underrepresented minorities with mentors who can help with career growth and professional development.

  • Finance

    Where There’s a Plan, There’s a Way | Name one JHCP project that the finance team isn’t involved in. (Hint: you probably can’t.) One of the team’s most impactful FY20 accomplishment is the enhancement and acceleration of business planning and modelling.

  • Gyn/Ob

    Minimally Invasive Surgeries for Maximum Patient Satisfaction | By the end of FY20, all of JHCP’s Gyn/Ob surgeons were certified in minimally invasive surgery. Read more about MIS and the impact of this cutting-edge technique.

  • Hospital-Based Medicine

    Equipped for Quality Improvement | In FY20, Project EQUIP gained its own data analyst, and the program has flourished. Learn more about how data is driving quality improvement across five Johns Hopkins Medicine-affiliated hospitals.

  • Human Resources

    Making the Impossible Possible | COVID-19 interrupted business as usual for departments across JHCP – the HR department is no exception. Read about how they hired more than 100 providers within four weeks to staff a field hospital at the Baltimore Convention Center.

  • Information Systems

    Health Care from Anywhere: The Growth of Telemedicine | The rapid adoption of telemedicine was a mammoth achievement. Read about how the Information Systems team supported JHCP’s providers and staff in a transition that happened nearly overnight.

  • Maryland Suburbs

    In Pursuit of Bigger and Better Things | Maryland suburbs leadership set out to “ace” their quality metrics in FY20 – and ace them, they did. Read about how they achieved improvement in quality scores, in many cases, by double digit margins.

  • Medical Specialty

    Safety, Convenience and Simplicity | The COVID-19 pandemic spelled trouble for the neurology section, as they were displaced from their Sleep Disorder Center. Read about how they quickly adapted to new workflows for safe and convenient home sleep testing.

  • National Capital Region

    HRO Principles: Pandemic Approved | According to NCR leadership, the five principles of High Reliability Organizations are more than just “fluff that sounds nice.” Read about how regional leadership instilled these principles throughout the national capital region.

  • Patient Experience

    Virtual Patient Feedback: The Compass that Guides Us | Like many areas of our lives, JHCP patient experience embraced the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and went digital. Read on about how the virtual transition improved Patient and Family Advisory Councils.

  • Pediatric Medicine

    An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure | According to chief of pediatrics Michael Crocetti, vaccinations were one of the greatest contributions to medicine during the 20th century. Read about how JHCP’s pediatric and family medicine sections advocate for vaccination.

  • Research

    Supporting Research to Enrich Lives | Participating in at least two PCORI initiatives was a goal for JHCP research in FY20. One of nine they supported, RICH LIFE, is making strides to maximize health equity by addressing blood pressure and heart disease health disparities.