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Best Consulting Physician

The Best Consulting Physician award is presented to the physician providing superior consulting or specialized services.

Mahmood Solaiman, M.D.

Howard County General Hospital: Mahmood Solaiman, M.D., Gastroenterology

Mahmood Solaiman is an outstanding physician who is kind and receptive, no matter when he is called or asked for help. Collaborative and meticulous, he consistently delivers excellent care. With exceptional technical skills, and Dr. Solaiman never hesitates to intervene when needed. An exemplary clinician and advanced endoscopist, Dr. Solaiman is also a valued clinical partner who always acts in the best interests of the patient and in support of the team. Additionally, he has a great bedside manner.

Mahmood Solaiman, MD

Frank Ayestaran Cassani, M.D.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital: Frank Ayestaran Cassani, M.D., chief, nephrology program

Collegial, consistently helpful to others and a natural teacher, Frank Ayestaran is always willing to do what is best for the patient. He cares for patients with any renal concern, including dialysis and transplants, and those with acute renal problems. Colleagues on the medical staff and patients often praise Dr. Ayestaran for his thoughtful communication and clinical excellence.

Frank Ayestaran Cassani, M.D.

Satish Shanbhag, M.B.B.S., M.P.H.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center: Satish Shanbhag, M.B.B.S., M.P.H., clinical director of hematology, associate professor of medicine and oncology

As co-medical director of the cancer center at Johns Hopkins Bayview, Satish Shanbhag has expanded the scope of hematological diseases treated on the campus. A busy clinician with a heavy workload, he maintains high standards of care and provides timely consultative help to many different services. He is extremely responsive to all curbside consultations in the outpatient and inpatient settings and has excellent personal communication. Dr. Shanbhag has received multiple faculty teaching excellence awards, has been recognized for clinical excellence as a member of the Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence and as a winner of the Samuel Asper Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine, presented by the Maryland chapter of the American College of Physicians.

Satish Shanbhag, MD

Paul Gemma, D.C.

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians: Paul Gemma, D.C., chiropractor, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians - White Marsh

Chiropractor Paul Gemma shows great dedication and sensitivity toward his patients. He will accommodate patients who request an appointment with very short notice, and he has a gentle touch for the older, more arthritic patients. His attentiveness and compassion is greatly appreciated by the many patients who report great improvement in their neck or back pain after seeing him.

Paul Gemma, DC

Victor Urrutia, M.D.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital: Victor Urrutia, M.D., director, The Comprehensive Stroke Center

Victor Urrutia is part of a team that aids centers around the world in becoming primary stroke centers. His leadership in the EMS routing pilot allows stroke patients to bypass primary stroke centers and go directly to comprehensive stroke centers in Baltimore. His OPTIMIST (Optimal Post tPa-IV Monitoring in Ischemic Stroke) research, in collaboration with others, makes it feasible for a subset of post-IV tPA patients to be monitored on an intermediate care unit instead of the neurocritical care unit. This has the potential to reduce costs for the hospital as well as patients, and conserve the valuable resource of neurocritical care unit beds.

Victor Urrutia, MD

Andrew Lerner, M.D.

Sibley Memorial Hospital: Andrew Lerner, M.D., director of interventional pulmonology

Showing tremendous initiative, Andrew Lerner provides a much-needed, innovative and valued service to the National Capital Region. His collaborative, multidisciplinary approach brings together the best of the academic and community practitioners in this area. Dr. Lerner provides superior multidisciplinary care and enhances collaborative program building at Sibley Memorial. In addition, he teaches other physicians who want to learn about the complexities of interventional pulmonary care and the new technologies available.

Andrew Lerner, MD

Benjamin Rubin, M.D.

Suburban Hospital: Benjamin Rubin, M.D., ophthalmologist

Benjamin Rubin coordinates a team of community ophthalmologists to provide 24-hour support and care for Suburban Hospital patients, both in emergencies and inpatient cases. He is always willing to help patients, even when he has a full schedule or when he’s not on-call or attending physician. Dr. Rubin builds trust and connects with his patients, going out of his way to visit a patient, even if a phone consultation may have been adequate. He serves on many medical organizations and boards, including the KBG Foundation for research and advocacy about KBG syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. A researcher and inventor, Dr. Rubin has patented drugs and collaborated with the FDA to investigate drugs used to treat eye diseases and pancreatic cancer.

Benjamin Rubin, MD

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