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Transgender Resources

A non-binary person works at a laptop.

Looking for resources on transgender health and well-being? Here we offer a variety of resources from Johns Hopkins and beyond to ensure you and your loved ones have the information you need to live fully and authentically.

General Resources

Transgender Health Resources

Paula Nierra and nurses

Transgender Health at Johns Hopkins

  • (Re) creation Story (2021)
    The Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health blends cutting-edge science and a caring environment where lives are reborn.
  • The Joy of Being Yourself (2018)
    In a little more than a year, the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health has provided gender affirming surgeries that changed the lives of about 150 people. Here are the stories of best friends Dylan Ballerstadt and Kez Hall, and, below, Dariel Peay.
  • Helping Transgender Children and Youth (2018)
    Staff members at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center gender and sexuality clinic provide counseling and support services to patients and their families.
  • A Bright New Start for Transgender Health (2018)
    Led by surgeon Devin O'Brien Coon, Johns Hopkins is offering gender affirming surgeries and other specialized services after a 38-year hiatus.
  • Showing up for Transgender, Intersex and Non-Binary People (2018)
    In light of the rumored DHHS memo reported by the New York Times, on November 8, Johns Hopkins students, staff, and faculty gathered for a group photograph in front of the Johns Hopkins Hospital dome.
  • Safe, Comprehensive Transgender Health Care (2018)
    For several years, adolescent medicine specialists Renata Sanders and Errol Fields had been seeing a handful of teenage and young adult patients who questioned or felt disconnected from their gender identity.
  • Fundamentals for Caring for Transgender Patients (2018)
    Paula Neira discusses how lack the cultural and clinical competence contributes to health disparities for transgender patients.
  • To Treat Transgender People, Open Your Hearts and Minds (2016)
    With the help of expert staff members, health care providers are fighting to improve care disparities that transgender patients face. Learn more in this article from Dome.
  • Transgender Patient Care: Meeting the Patient Where They Are (2016)
    View the second annual LGBTQ Pride Lecture to learn how to better care for transgender patients and their families, and use proper pronouns and respectful language to speak about transgender people. JHED login required.
  • Caring for Transgender Patients (2015)
    Meet Paula Neira, clinical program director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health. Learn more about her work to bring transgender health care issues to light in this article from Dome.
  • Embracing the Rainbow (2015)
    At Johns Hopkins and across the nation, initiatives are underway to help physicians better meet the health care needs of today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients. Some say such efforts are long overdue.
  • Toward Greater Equality for LGBTQ Patients (2015)
    See how the EQUALITY Study, a three-year, multisite research collaboration between Johns Hopkins and Harvard, is providing new insight into LGBTQ care disparities in this article from the Johns Hopkins Medicine Diversity Annual Report.

Additional Resources for the Johns Hopkins Community

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