Treatments for Musicians and Dancers

Dr. Alex Pantelyat sitting on a chair and playing a violinDirector Alexander Pantelyat, M.D., playing the violin.

As a musician or a dancer, your mind, body and spirit must function as one.

Through frequent practice and repetitive motions, you run the risk of overuse injuries. You may find a medical problem impairs your ability to perform to your fullest potential. Promptly seeking care can mean a shorter recovery time and fewer long-term effects of an illness or injury.

In collaboration with Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network and the Peabody Institute, there is a multidisciplinary team of Johns Hopkins experts to deliver specialized care specifically for musicians and dancers.

Why Musicians and Performers Choose Johns Hopkins

  • Unmatched Expertise: The Center for Music and Medicine and its programs harness the world-class expertise of Johns Hopkins Medicine and The Johns Hopkins University.
  • Dual Perspectives: Pairing an understanding of musicians’ unique needs with expert health care.
  • Dedication to Improving Life: The Center for Music and Medicine includes a multidisciplinary community of people who are dedicated to uplifting the quality of human life through music. Caring for musicians and ensuring their ability to perform is essential to this mission.

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Created for musicians who require top levels of function for performance, Johns Hopkins’ Center for Music & Medicine connects you with transformative thinking and medical practice.

The Center for Music & Medicine accepts patients through the following medical departments. Please discuss your condition with your primary care provider first to help determine referral to the appropriate group.

Are you a Peabody student?

Peabody Institute students receive care through the Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network Clinic (JHRN), a component of the Center for Music and Medicine.

Conditions We Treat for Performers

Learn more about the conditions we treat in the Health section: