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Breast Pain

Breast pain provokes anxiety for many women and is also a common breast abnormality associated with hormonal changes. It is rarely a sign of breast cancer. In fact, only 10 percent of breast cancers are accompanied by pain.

Breast pain and tenderness can be a very normal part of a woman’s life, particularly when she:

  • Is lactating (producing milk to feed her baby)
  • Has breast cysts
  • Is experiencing pain before or after menstruation
  • Is premenopausal
  • Is pregnant
  • Is going on or off of hormone replacement therapy or birth control pill

Is your bra the right size?

Not wearing the proper bra—too tight or too loose—can create breast pain, as the breast tissue is unsupported throughout the day. It is important to be properly fitted for a bra so you wear the right size.

If you continue to have breast soreness, accompanied by any other potential symptoms of breast cancer we strongly recommend you be evaluated by a breast specialist. At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, our team of breast cancer specialists is adept at evaluation, screening and diagnosis for breast health abnormalities. Such a consultation would possibly include a clinical breast exam and a diagnostic evaluation in breast imaging.

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