Pediatric Brain Tumor Center

If your child needs brain tumor treatment, experience matters. Pediatric neurosurgeons at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center see hundreds of children with brain tumors every year. If your child is affected by a brain tumor, the experts at Johns Hopkins ensure you get clear answers, a straightforward plan and compassionate care.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins

Multi-Specialty Care

Close coordination with experts in medical oncology, radiation oncology, rehabilitation and other specialties ensures that all aspects of your child's care are addressed.

Surgical Expertise

Our vast experience with minimally invasive neuro-endoscopic techniques allows us to reach many tumors through a dime-sized opening. Our chief pediatric neurosurgeon leads the international surgery course on these techniques, instructing surgeons from all over the world.

Innovative Research and Clinical Trials

At Johns Hopkins, children have access to a variety of clinical trials conducted by leading researchers, including those studying immunotherapy for malignant brain tumors.

Schedule an Appointment

In-person and telemedicine appointments are available for initial consultations and follow-up care.

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For patients seeking an evaluation for a brain tumor:

Pediatric Neurosurgery: 410-955-7337

For patients diagnosed with brain cancer who need a consultation with an oncologist:

Kimmel Cancer Center: 410-955-8964

For international patients traveling to the U.S. to receive care:

 Johns Hopkins Medicine International: +1-410-502-7683

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Pediatric Brain Tumor | Declan’s Story

Five-year-old Declan had an MRI to monitor a growth hormone deficiency. The scan showed a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor. Declan had brain surgery the next day. 

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Pediatric Brain Tumor Specialists

Physician Assistants

Our pediatric physician assistants work with Alan Cohen, M.D., Shenandoah "Dody" Robinson, M.D., Eric Jackson, M.D., and Mari Groves, M.D.

Stephanie Berry, PA-C

Stephanie Berry

Heather Kerber, PA-C

Heather Kerber

Dawn Miller, PA-C