Brain Tumor Research Studies

Johns Hopkins has an unparalleled history of introducing new forms of treatment for the patients affected by malignant brain tumors. For example, the only two new effective surgical treatments for malignant brain tumors approved by FDA (Gliadel and GliaSite) were discovered and developed right here at Johns Hopkins. 

There have been tremendous advances made in the last two decades in the battle against malignant brain tumors. Advances in neuroradiology have lead to more timely and accurate diagnoses; improved neurosurgical approaches have permitted more complete and safer tumor removal, and new chemotherapies and radiation therapies have extended survival.

Our national leading role in the design and the completion of multi-center clinical trials allows us to apply the most promising discoveries from the laboratory to patient care in an effective and expeditious fashion.

At present our most exciting areas of research include immunotherapy of brain tumors, adult stem cells and local delivery of a variety of new drug treatment options for brain tumors. Learn more about current areas of investigation: