Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Speech-Language and Feeding Services

The Speech-Language and Feeding program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s helps children develop the skills needed for successful communication, feeding and swallowing. These skills can affect all aspects of daily life, from communicating basic needs, to developing social skills, to progress in school.

Our master’s-level, certified speech-language pathologists have extensive training in childhood speech, feeding and language programs. As part of a comprehensive medical program based at a pediatric hospital with one of the largest neonatal intensive care units in the country, our speech-language pathologists are experienced in providing a range of speech, language and feeding therapy services to children of all ages—from infants to teens—with complex medical conditions.

We actively involve families in all aspects of their child’s care. We provide information and training so you can help your child make progress between therapy sessions with at-home exercises. 

When to see a speech-language pathologist

Your child’s physician may recommend a referral to a speech-language pathologist if your child has one or more of the following conditions or concerns:

Identifying your child’s difficulties and strengths through a speech, language or feeding evaluation is the first step to assisting a child with communication or feeding/swallowing problems. Our therapists are skilled in administering formal tests as well as providing clinical observation of play, interaction and conversation to determine if your child needs intervention. We also provide services for our Spanish-speaking patients and families.

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Our programs and services

Speech and Language

For children with speech and language disorders, a range of programs and services, including individual speech therapy and group social skills and language classes, as well as speech services for children with hearing loss.

Feeding and Swallowing

Personalized treatment for children with feeding or swallowing disorders, ranging from one-time therapy needs to help get them on track, to our Happy Mealtimes intensive feeding therapy program.

Reading and Dyslexia

Evaluation and treatment for children who are below their grade level for reading, spelling or writing.

Voice and Resonance

Care for children with persistent voice and resonance problems, including X-ray speech study evaluations for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Learning opportunities

We also offer internship opportunities for students of physical therapy. Learn more.

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We accept most traditional insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and most managed care plans. Please check with your insurance provider to verify your benefits plan.

Medical records may be faxed to 727-767-6743.


To make an appointment for a speech, language or feeding evaluation, call 727-767-4141.

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