Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Therapy to strengthen the muscles controlling the bladder for children with urinary leaks

Pelvic floor rehabilitation helps children who continue to have urinary leaks during the daytime beyond the typical age of potty training. We work with your child to strengthen and coordinate the muscles that control the bladder.

One of our occupational or physical therapists will work closely with your child, you and his or her physicians throughout their therapy. We will also teach you and your child about how the urinary tract works and strategies to avoid urinary leaks.


A referral from a pediatric urologist is needed for this program. Your child’s first appointment will include an evaluation, and last about two hours. You’ll receive forms in the mail before your child’s first appointment. Please bring the completed forms with you so that your child’s therapist can review them with you and take a thorough history.

The therapist will then place gel-based electrodes around the anus. Your child will sit comfortably in a chair and look at a computer that is connected to the electrodes. The computer allows the therapist, you and your child to see the muscles working and relaxing as your child performs pelvic floor exercises. The therapist will then analyze the results and review them with you and your child.

What to Expect

At each appointment after the evaluation, your child will be connected to the computer like he or she was during the evaluation. The therapist will lead your child through a variety of pelvic floor muscle exercises. The computer gives visual feedback to help your child stay motivated throughout the session.

Your child also will be given homework to complete with your help between sessions. Homework includes exercises, education and information on diet-related issues that affect your child’s bladder control.

The electrodes that are placed on your child and connected to the computer are gel based and come on and off easily, so treatment is not painful.

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