Scapular Dyskinesis

In sports that require overhead movement, the shoulder joint and scapula work together to complete that movement.

The shoulder mobility is aided by four separate muscles that make up the rotator cuff. The Scapula is a bone that is held in place along the posterior rib cage by the stabilizing muscles of the mid back

When the muscles that stabilize the Scapula allow this bone to sit and move in an abnormal way, it can cause pain in the front of the shoulder and also tightness in the back of the shoulder.

Athletes in sports that require movement of the shoulder above the head like the motions present in baseball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming are especially susceptible to this type of injury.

In evaluation of this condition, a Sports Medicine physician will observe your shoulder and scapular motion through a variety of movements.

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Sports Medicine program can treat Shoulder Dyskinesis through a detailed plan of therapy that includes appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises.

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