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We’re dedicated to advancing the treatment, education, research and prevention of sports injuries in children, adolescents and young adults.

Johns Hopkins All Children's Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary program dedicated to treating sports injuries in children, adolescents, and young adults. Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care through evidence-based research in the treatment, education, and prevention of sports injuries. Our specialty care services meet the needs of each athlete and include primary care sports medicine, orthopaedics, emergency medicine, radiology, neurosurgery, nutrition, cardiology and sports rehabilitation. Our comprehensive center is the only sports medicine program in the Tampa Bay area focused solely on the care of young athletes.

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital offers an entire facility designed to deliver the utmost care for young athletes. Each site provides radiology equipment designed to expose patients to less radiation than those in an adult facility. Our state of the art sports rehabilitation gyms include appropriately sized equipment to meet the needs of each athlete.

Our Sports Medicine program was developed to meet the needs of children, adolescents, and young adults with sports injuries. Our team includes medical and surgical specialists who are trained to treat any medical condition or injury involving sports. Our greatest strength is our expertise in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine. Our specialists understand the needs of growing athletes, and we take pride in the one-on-one care that each athlete receives.

Meet Our Sports Medicine Experts

  • Common Sports Injuries

    Our sports medicine team is experienced in the evaluation, treatment, and management of concussion, sprains, strains and overuse injuries. From X-rays to physical therapy we are with your athlete every step of the way.

  • Sports Rehab

    Therapists and athletic trainers work together to treat injuries and prevent new ones by helping young athletes safely return to play. Individualized treatment plans ensure athletes return to play in a healthy, competitive condition, prepared with the knowledge and skill to avoid re-injury.

  • Orthopedic Sports Medicine

    Our orthopedic surgical team provides focused expertise to enhance injury recovery for young athletes. Fellowship trained surgeons offer the latest techniques in arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures.

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